A WILHELM SCREAM formed in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 2004 out of the momentum of founding members Trevor Reilly, Nuno Pereira and Nicholas Pasquale Angelini’s previous band, Smackin’ Isaiah, which despite their wack name, toured extensively and tirelessly without label support for several years, doing everything themselves with the support of friends with the same DIY spirit they had, including their first booking agent (2001), a wild California dude named Ray “Dingo” Picard, who would book their tours while taking pizza orders and cooking up pies down at Amechi’s. (Dingo, their “sixth member”, the man with the plan for all these years, still runs this ship to this day, as their fearless Manager.)

Their first album "Mute Print" is out on 2004 for their debut on Nitro Records ( Dexter Holland from The Offspring label) was a revelation in the American punk rock scene. A Wilhelm Scream has quickly gained credibility and has become one of the most dynamic young and promising the most innovative band, attracting many fans. Their new album called Ruiner is out on August 16, 2005 confirmed the talent of the quintet.

That time period also saw the departures of founding members bassist Jon Teves in 2005 and guitarist Chris Levesque in 2008 from the group for real life jobby jobs whose positions were filled in monstrous ways by their favorite bassist, Toronto native Brian Robinson (who joined in 2006) and Detroit’s finest shredder, Mike Supina (in 2008). They played their first European tours opening Lagwagon and then for Rise Against.Their first release with the current full lineup was 2009’s self titled EP released by Paper & Plastick.The past two years have seen them working tirelessly on their first full length since 2006.

While guitarist Trevor Reilly still tackles the lion’s share of the songwriting, this new record sees more great writing contributions from lead singer Nuno Pereira and also three songs from guitarist Mike Supina, along with the nuclear mustard rhythm section of Nick Angelini and Brian Robinson’s huge contributions and input.We're so proud to release the new A Wilhelm Scream record called Partycrasher !!!Get ready !!!

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