Started off in the summer of 2008, the band that became known as NOT ON TOUR started playing together as it was becoming clear that all the good bands in town went on tour for the season, breaking apart side-projects, leaving practice rooms empty and the four old friends; Valer (Guitar), Nir (Bass), Gutzy (Drums) and Sima (vocals), with nothing to do.

With a good team spirit they took on the job to start a summer project for the bored punkers in town, sketching up 15 songs in just a couple of months, planning to break up once summer is over. 7 years, 4 albums, 5 international tours and 56 songs later, it’s clear that the band is here to stay. With a razor-sharp, fast melodic punk rock energy, the band manages to keep crowds dancing wherever they go, adhering to an in-your-face mentality, with songs rarely passing the 90 seconds mark. Not On Tour delivers a positive, raw punk rock sound with catchy tunes and melodic female vocals with a clear hardcore punk influence pushing the melodies ahead.

Not On Tour have released 3 Full Length albums and an EP. Self Titled (2010), N.O.T (2011), All This Time (2012) and Bad Habits (2015).

We are so proud to have them on the Effervescence Records family !

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