Terms and Conditions

This document defines the complete and final terms of sale applicable to the contractual relationship between the CUSTOMER and EFFERVESCENCE.

These general conditions of sale shall prevail over any modification, suspension or amendment, except with the prior written consent of EFFERVESCENCE.

The opposition EFFERVESCENCE the provisions mentioned, directly or by reference, by the CUSTOMER shall in no event constitute a waiver of EFFERVESCENCE to these terms of sale.


The automatic registration systems are considered as proof of the nature, content and date of the order.

The validation of the order by the CUSTOMER is final and unconditional acceptance of these terms of sale.

Any order to be valid , requires an explicit confirmation EFFERVESCENCE notified the CUSTOMER to the e -mail address that will be provided . EFFERVESCENCE reserves the right to refuse the order confirmation for any reason whatsoever. 
EFFERVESCENCE must , in such circumstances, inform the CUSTOMER of its decision.

The turnaround of the order agree to the receipt of full payment of the order by
EFFERVESCENCE . Deadlines are extended automatically in case of delay not attributable to force majeure or EFFERVESCENCE putting EFFERVESCENCE unable to perform all or part of the contract.

EFFERVESCENCE can not be held responsible for the consequences of an error in the information provided by the Customer during the order taking .
EFFERVESCENCE reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous order .


Product prices listed in euros.

The price charged is the price indicated on the order confirmation sent by EFFERVESCENCE including the product price (including taxes), packaging and transport costs price.

EFFERVESCENCE reserves the right to change prices at any time but the products will be billed at the rates in effect at the time of registration of the order subject to availability at that time.

EFFERVESCENCE retains ownership of the goods until full payment of the price by the customer.


Payment is made in the manner chosen by the CUSTOMER among those proposed by EFFERVESCENCE.

Are allowed, online payments and payments by check mailed to the department concerned EFFERVESCENCE (all coordinates relative to EFFERVESCENCE are listed in section 12 of these general conditions of sale).

Any order over 763 ( seven hundred and sixty to three ) euros, check payment is made , shall be subject to confirmation with the handwritten signature of the CUSTOMER. This confirmation is done by sending a letter repeating the sample letter to request confirmation from EXCITEMENT .

The personal information transmitted Site EFFERVESCENCE-RECORDS.COM processing center subject to protection and encryption by SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layers ) .

Validated by the CUSTOMER command will be considered effective when EFFERVESCENCE be perceived centers of banking payment , the full amount charged .

We use , for payment, Paypal.

In case of payment problem, the order will be automatically canceled and the CUSTOMER will be notified by email.


The photographs illustrating the products are not included in the contract.

Responsibility EFFERVESCENCE can not be held liable for errors or omissions in the pictures, text, graphics, information or product specifications or in case of changing the characteristics of a product by a vendor.


The products always travel at the risk of the consignee in case of delay , damage , deterioration or lack must take action against the carrier or do it with the necessary reserves to enable the exercise of such remedies.

All claims must be made by registered letter to the carrier within two days of receipt of the product and a copy of this letter will be forwarded for information to EFFERVESCENCE.

Delivery is made by delivering the product directly to the addressee or, in his absence, a person authorized by the CUSTOMER. 
EFFERVESCENCE can not be held responsible for any delay in delivery, the loss of the package and its consequences if the CUSTOMER has chosen a shipment without tracking number.

Any claim by the CUSTOMER regarding products must be made by any means ( e -mail , registered mail ) within two working days of delivery. Any claim after this deadline will not be accepted .

In case of error , the return of these can not be accepted for complete products in their original condition (packaging, accessories , manuals ... ) and accompanied by a copy of the invoice.


A failure to comply with the obligation to order confirmation, the withdrawal period shall be three months from the date of receipt of the goods by the customer. If, within that period of three months, the confirmation email is delivered, within seven working days reckoned from the confirmation.


The CUSTOMER receives the legal guarantee against hidden products that it acquired defects.


EFFERVESCENCE responsibility can not be held due to the total or partial non-performance of its obligations, since his powers of control have been affected by an event of force majeure such as, but not limited to the following list: natural disaster, war, administrative decision, total or partial postal services, transport and communication strike, fire, flood ...

The performance benefits EFFERVESCENCE duration is automatically extended during the event of force majeure.


All texts and images reproduced on the "EFFERVESCENCE-RECORDS.COM" site are protected by copyright as well as intellectual property rights.

Copying or downloading of all or part of the site content for any purpose other than private, are prohibited unless prior express authorization EFFERVESCENCE.

Improper use of these provisions constitutes infringement and is subject to sanctions under the Intellectual Property.


The personal information collected from the CUSTOMER are essential for processing orders, preparing invoices and warranties. The lack of information excluded from the validation of the order.
The Customer has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data. EFFERVESCENCE undertakes not to disclose to third parties the information provided by its CUSTOMERS.


In case of dispute the CUSTOMER should first contact the company to find an amicable solution.
Any dispute relating to contractual obligations binding EFFERVESCENCE its CUSTOMERS is subject exclusively to French law. Failing amicable agreement between the parties hereto, the French courts will have jurisdiction without exception.


email : contact@effervescence-records.com

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