9/11 ... 1973 in Chile. Pinochet, aided by the C.I.A. and American companies such as I.T.T., overthrows democratically-elected President Allende. The outcome of this coup has provoked the untimely death of 5000 victims who did not deserve the tears the western world shed 28 years later over the ones of the World Trade Center attacks. Facts are no longer what they are but take on a whole new meaning according to the interpretation of the Medias; codes and symbols that construct our modern perception of the world-as-a-spectacle (liberty and security vs. terror and chaos) shift according to what is politically at stake now and then. And the 'NINE ELEVEN' signifier is the most conspicious expression of this soliloquy that Power addresses to itself inside the social construct of its history.
As for the band, it’s 6 years spent on the road since the end of 2005, more than 400 shows all over 35 countries (and 3 continents soon), 1 EP (“King for a day, ghost for a lifetime” released in 2006, and 2 full length (“Use your disillusions” released in 2007, and “City of Quartz” released in 2009). 

Since the spring 2011, the band’s priority is about writing and recording their new album, « Le rêve de Cassandre », which is gonna be released on… Effervescence Records, the January 24, 2012.
So, 2012 means the band’s comeback on the road, the most important reason for them to be a band, with their best album ever. Lot’s of tours are already on the way to introduce “Le Rêve de Cassandre” on stage, and that will begin February 8, 2012 with a new European tour during 17 days !

As for the musical way taken by the band, it is as it has always been : Ignoring the guidelines imposed by one style or by the tracks beaten and beaten again in the hardcore punk scene.
One could call it new school hardcore, modern, melodic… but no one cares inside Nine Eleven about the labels or brands bands need to look good out there.
And about the band’s ethic and lyrics, it’s anchored in the original and independent hardcore punk spirit : political, positive, and anti-consensual, far from strass and glitters of a smelly third class jet set that a part of the hardcore scene’s really into.

« Fuck you if you have nothing to say and think ! » (Dead Already, Use Your Disillusion)
Everything is said !

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