Who doesn't know Belvedere? Nobody of course! But here is still a biography for those who didn't know them yet !
Belvedere is a Canadian punk rock band formed in 1995 . Belvedere was not initially intended to play a gig , but they have acquired a truly international reputation for the scene !
Taking its name from a '80s sitcom , Belvedere was born in Calgary, Canada in 1995. It's then composed of the trio Steve Rawles (vocals / guitar), Brock (bass) and Dan Hrynuik (drums) .
Over the years , Belvedere always continue in his favorite musical style melodic punk rock , with influences like Bad Religion and Nofx .

Later, the line-up of the band changed completely, since the second guitarist Scott Marshall and the bass player Jason Sinclair joined Belvedere. The band 's first outgoing album "Because No One Stopped Us" in 1998.
After spending all of 1999 on the road ( with Bad Religion and Strung Out) , the new album called "Angels Live in My Town " was released in early 2000.
In 2001, "Twas Hell Said Former Child " their new album comes out, along with their first European tour .
A split with Downway called "Hometown Advantage " was released in 2003 with Graham Churchill on drums.
When it came time to return to the studio to record a new album , Belvedere joined producer Blair Calibaba ( Sum41 ) to Calgary for recording the fabulous " Fast Forward Eats The Tape " . Following this, touring with Death By Stereo , the Tsunami Bomb , the Mad Caddies and others during 2004.
The group will split in late 2005 , making their last concert in Calgary, their hometown in November . It was during this time (2004 to present) , the world-famous Belvedere has grown again and again!

In 2012, the boys are back!
After 7 years , Belvedere is back for touring together for some exclusive shows around the world in 2012.
With this great news, we are very proud to announce that we are making their last ( and best ( for us!) ) Album " Fast Forward Eats The Tape " limited edition vinyl !

In 2013 the band is back for worldwide tours !

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